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Flood Program Overview - Then and Now

  • March 19, 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • IIAM Headquarters
  • 21


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Flood Program Overview: Then and Now
Presented by: Annette Winston
Senior Flood Territory Manager for Selective

Date: March 19, 2020

Time: 9AM - 12PM

CE: 3 Flood credits

Location: IIAMD Headquarters

2408 Peppermill Dr., Ste A; Glen Burnie, MD. 21061

Course Material: Handouts

Topics Covered in this Seminar:

    I.          National Flood Insurance Program Changes                                                 

                A.        NFIP:  Why was it established?

                B.        Flood maps

                C.        Maximum coverage limits

                D.        Community rating system (CRS)

                E.         Eligible building determination

                F.         Builder’s risk

    G.        Intangible property

                H.        Coastal Barrier Resource Act (CBRA)

                I.          Zone determination

    II.        Policies & Products                                                                                               

                A.        Dwelling

                B.        General property policy

                C.        Residential Code Building Association Policy (RCBAP)

                D.        Preferred Risk Policy (PRP)

                E.         Preferred Risk Policy Eligibility Extension (PRPEE)

                F.         Coverages

                G.        Exclusions

    III.       General Rules & Miscellaneous Rules                                                              

                A.        Deductibles

                B.        Policy fee

                C.        Property values & loss settlement

                D.        Dwelling/General property policy

                E.         Residential Condo Building Assn. Program (RCBAP)

                F.         Proof of coverage

                G.        Waiting periods

                H.        Cancellation

                I.          Reduction of coverage or reformation

                J.         Policy renewals

                K.        Change endorsements

    IV.       Elements of Rating                                                                                                

                A.        Elements of rating

                B.        Flood definitions

                C.        Pre-FIRM or Post-FIRM

                D.        Building diagrams

                E.         Flood insurance manual

                F.         Elevation certificate

                G.        Floodproofing (FP) certificate

                H.        Grandfathering

    V.        Claims Handling Process                                                                                     

                A.        NFIP Flood Insurance Claims Handbook

                            Review details

    VI.       Summary of Coverage                                                                                         

                A.        Details of each page of Summary

    VII.      Agent Resources                                                                                                    

                A.        Write your own company

                B.        Flood manual

                C.        FEMA.GOV

                D.        FLOODSMART.GOV

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