Shouldn't Your Policy Come With A Trusted Choice Independent Agent?


Independent Insurance Agents have been serving insurance consumers for many years. Our association has been incorporated in the State of Maryland since 1936.  We have been there, with you, the insurance consumer, through many of the States most difficult times, including the Great Baltimore Fire, the Great B & O Fire, the civil disturbances of the 60's, Hurricanes Agnes, Floyd, Isabel, and Superstorm Sandy.  We have been there after the tornadoes in Southern Maryland and the sinkholes in Carroll County. Our agents are all over the State of Maryland.  We are your neighbors!


Independent Agents are seasoned professionals, working with multiple companies in order to provide you, their client, the most effective coverage at a competitive price.  They know their business!  Independent Agents, give you, the insurance buyer a CHOICE!

Why An Independent Agent?

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