Solutions for peak performance.

For over 30 years, Caliper has helped IIAM members match people goals to business goals.  Caliper is able to maximize your ability to achieve business results by delivering initiatives that help you to select, manage and develop people and understand the gaps between where you are versus where you want to be.

Caliper solutions included:
Selective Management-delivers a set of flexible and adaptable options to help companies match the best individual to a specific job.
Performance Management-ties performance of individuals to the results they produce.
Team Building-Enables the building and development of teams to ensure the organization is working at maximum capacity to achieve business objectives.
Employee Development-Enhances an individual's skills, career potential and employee satisfaction.
People Retention-Helping companies understand the root causes of turnover.

To learn more:, or contact Agota Miskolczi or or at 609-524-1384.  You may also email us at to get started today.

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