Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI)

The Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI) program gives you the tools you need to establish a clear professional advantage in the marketplace and fulfill your commitment to customer service. In today’s increasingly complex property-casualty insurance marketplace, only producers with in-depth insurance knowledge and strong focus on customer service have a competitive edge.

AAI program focus on three major areas:

  • The technical aspects of the insurance business, including coverage and pricing
  • The marketing of insurance products, including relationships with prospects, customers, and insurance companies
  • The internal operations and management of insurance agencies
The AAI program is recommended for both new and experienced producers, experienced CSR’s, account executives, supervisors of producers, insurance company field representatives, and agency managers and principals.

Benefits of AAI

  • Develop strong customer relationships by building a solid foundation of knowledge regarding a wide range of insurance products and service.
  • Write larger and more complex commercial lines by increasing your knowledge of general liability, auto, workers compensation, and bonds.
  • Increase confidence and efficiency through effective sales and negotiation techniques

To earn the AAI designation:

You must complete the following 10 courses:

AAI 81A - Principles of Insurance

AAI 81B - Personal Insurance

AAI 81C - Commercial Property Insurance

AAI 82A - Commercial Liability Insurance

AAI 82B - Other Commercial Insurance

AAI 82C - Specialized Insurance & Bonds

AAI 83A - Principles of Agency Management

AAI 83B - The Insurance Production Environment

AAI 83C - Agency Management Tools & Processes

Ethics 311 - Ethical Guidelines for Insurance Professionals OR Ethics 312 - Ethics and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct

**It is recommended that you take AAI 81 before AAI 82 or AAI 83. AAI 82 and AAI 83 can be taken in any order.

Quick Facts:

  • NO time frame to complete the designation.
  • NO annual updates required to maintain the designation. Once you earn the AAI designation it is yours to keep!
  • NO annual dues required!
  • AAI is a nationally recognized designation.


  • AINS designation waives AAI 81
  • CIC designation waives all of AAI 81 ($175 waiver fee is required for all non-Institute designation waivers submitted)
  • ACSR 1-5, 10,11 & 12 waives AAI 81B
  • ACSR 4-9 waives AAI 82A

AAI 81 - Foundation of Insurance Production

Segment A:

Principles of Insurance

An overview of the Insurance Business,  Insurance & the Legal System, Risk Management and the Producer, Insurance Sales and Acct Development

Segment B:

Personal Insurance

Homeowners Insurance, Personal Auto Insurance, Other Personal Insurance and Personal Financial Planning

Segment C:

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance, Business Income and Extra Expense Insurance, and Commercial Inland and Ocean Marine Insurance

AAI 82 - Multiple-Lines Insurance Production

Segment A:

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance, Products-Completed Operations Coverage, Professional Liability, Commercial Auto Insurance, and Garage and Motor Carrier Insurance

Segment B:

Other Commercial Insurance

Commercial Crime Insurance, Business-owners Insurance, Other Commercial Coverages, and Workers’ Compensation & Employers’  Liability Insurance

Segment C:

Specialized Insurance & Bonds

Specialty Insurance, Commercial Excess and Umbrella Liability Insurance and Surety Bonds

July 26, 2018

AAI 83 - Agency Operations & Sales Management

Segment A:

Principles of Agency Management

Agency Formation and Environment, Organizational Management, Agency Sales Management, and Personal Production Plans

October 11, 2018

Segment B:

Insurance Production Environment

Producer-Insurer Relations, Public Image of the Agency, Agency Growth and Customer Communications, and Market Segmentation and Target Marketing

November 15, 2018

Segment C:

Agency Management Tools & Process

Managing Agency Information Technology, Agency Customer Service Managment, and Agency Financial Management

December 13, 2018

Ethical Guidelines for Insurance Professionals

Ethics 311: 

Ethical Behavior, Professionalism, Insurance Professionals and High Ethical Standards, Ethical Responsibility to Groups, Ethical Dilemmas, Ethical Theories and Decisions-Making Tools, Barriers to Ethical Decision Making, and Ethical Guidelines

**Online Course**

Ethics 311 must be taken online at There is no charge for the course. If you would like CE's there will be a $5 charge.

Course Fees

Members: $175 (per segment)

Non-members: $250 (per segment)

AAI Packages

AAI 81 (Segments A, B & C)

Members: $400 / Nonmembers$600

AAI 82 (Segments A, B & C)

Members: $400 / Nonmembers$600

AAI 83 (Segments A, B & C)

Members: $400 / Nonmembers$600

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