The Association President and the Legislative Committee Chairman and members of the legislative committee monitor all insurance related legislation on your behalf during sessions of the Maryland General Assembly. Members are provided with timely legislative bulletins outlining those issues/bills which affect our business. The Association has been involved in the passage of a number of legislative proposals helpful to the Independent Agent and the Maryland Assembly. Conversely, we have successfully opposed measures which would have been counter-productive. The Maryland Big "I" was instrumental in the organization and development of the Maryland Agents Political Action Committee (MAPAC). This is a separate, non-profit, non-partisan, political action committee. It functions to aid those candidates for legislative or statewide office who understand the problems and needs of the independent agent.

Nationally, IIAM members visit with all of the Maryland's Senators and Representatives in Washington during the national Legislative Conference, held in the Spring, each year. Contact is maintained with our representatives in Congress throughout the year.

Our National Pac, InsurPac, functions to aid those candidates for national political offices.  InsurPac’s interaction with our representatives on Capitol Hill is crucial to the interests of independent agents. Because of the bond established through these events, elected officials regularly turn to IIABA’s lobbyists when they are seeking information about the independent agency system and insurance knowledge in general. Our Congressmen use that information to frame insurance issues on Capitol Hill and, in doing so, promote what is important to IIABA’s membership.

Donations to InsurPac must be from individuals and the agency must sign a Corporate Approval form prior to contributing.  To make a donation or obtain a 'Corporate Approval form' click here.

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