ACSR 6 - Commercial Property Insurance

Gain the confidence to accurately and efficiently identify and assess commercial loss exposures.

Topics Discussed:

Þ Introduction to Commercial Property

Þ Causes of Loss and Coverage Forms

Þ Business Income Insurance

Þ Flood Insurance

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ACSR 7 - Commercial Liability Insurance

Increase customer satisfaction with your enhanced ability to recommend coverages that properly protect business owners from liability loss exposures.

Topics Discussed:

Þ Liability Loss Exposures and Legal Liability

Þ Commercial General Liability Insurance, Part I and Part II

Þ Commercial Liability Endorsements, Rating, and Other Liability Forms

Þ Miscellaneous Commercial Liability Insurance

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ACSR 8 - Commercial Automobile Insurance

Develop the decision-making and problem-solving skills needed to recommend coverages that properly protect business owners from commercial auto loss exposures.

Topics Discussed:

Þ Commercial Auto Loss Exposures and the Business Auto Coverage Form

Þ Business Auto Coverage Endorsements and Rating

Þ Garage and Motor Carrier Coverage

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 ACSR 9 - Commercial Lines Related Coverages

Increase value to your agency and producers with a strong understanding of commercial lines coverages.

Topics Discussed:

Þ Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance

Þ Business Owner’s Policies

Þ Commercial Crime Insurance

Þ Surety Bonds

Þ Marine Coverage, Commercial Excess and Umbrella Liability

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 ACSR 4 - Agency Errors and Omissions

Support your agency’s profitability by accurately identifying and assessing errors and omissions risks.

Topics Discussed:

Þ Defining agency E&O basics

Þ Handling new business to minimize agency E&O

Þ Handling existing business to control agency E&O

Þ Servicing business to avoid E&O losses

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ACSR 5 - Professional Development & Account Management

Increase value to your agency and producers with a solid understanding of how to build and retain customer relationships.

Topics Discussed:

Þ Customer service and its impact

Þ Professional image and office

Þ Professional communication

Þ Account management and company relations

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311 - Ethical Guidelines for Insurance professionals

Establish a practical ethical decision-making framework for any property/casualty insurance or risk management insurance career

Topics Discussed:

Þ Professionalism

Þ Insurance professionals and high ethical standards

Þ Ethical responsibility to groups

Þ Ethical dilemmas

Þ Ethical theories and decision-making tools

Þ Barriers to ethical decision-making

Ethics 311 Schedule

The Ethics 311 seminar can be completed online at The course is free. If you want CE's there is a $5 charge.

Individual Course Fees

ACSR 4-9

Members: $100

Nonmembers: $150

Ethics 311

FREE course. If you would like CE's there will be a $5 charge. You can complete the course online at

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